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Welcome to the Annual Meditation Vigil

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Annual Meditation Vigil for Self-Solidarity & World Peace

Welcoming you to join us in a 10-day Annual Meditation Vigil for Self-Solidarity & World Peace. This event, from the 1st-10th of May, was initiated more than 50 years ago by Adiatmana (Aatman Babajaan), in prayer for all souls with untimingly passing, and for students in universities who have contemplated, attempted, or committed suicide. Over the years, it has extended to include the many beings who suffered in concentration camps during WW2, both victims and perpetrators - and all those currently enduring aggression and violence worldwide.

Let us join together in prayer and meditation for all these ones. And in doing so, we are intiated into a practice and a healing space, of embracing our own tenderly awakened hearts, and spontaneous souls. Let us stand together and support each other through the darkness, with the purity of our love, devotion & dedication, integrity, trust, faith, and innocence. Let us experience and honor our own deedful sense of compassion and self-solidarity, and resourcefulness to accept and face any nature of challenge life may be presenting.

Here at Adi-Atam Hermitage, we wil be holding morning and evening meditation sittings from 6-7am and 7-8pm daily, and keeping the candle light burning throughout the entirety of the vigil.

We invite you to participate in body, mind, heart & soul, in any way you feel compassionately called to do. It can be as simple as taking a moment in your day to sit in silence, embracing your entirety, and offering a heartfelt prayer . You can also come to the Hermitage to meditate and pray with us, for any duration of the morning and evening sitting times. Meditation instruction will be available. Contact us for more information via email:

Love ~ Peace ~ Gratitude ~ Blessings!

Adi-Atam Hermitage


Adiatmana (Babajaan) offers darshan about the sense and inspiration of the Vigil:

"You are scouting your own life, as the future leaders of this world. The clock of time, you are going to monitor on your own behalf, as the blossom of your own potentiality. You come to share what you are going to like to share, without any sense of compulsion, but with compassion to teach and guide to others.

This year, and every year, from the 1st to 10th of May, let us join together in meditation, prayer, cleansing of body, and fasting of mind. As nature blossoms, virginly reborn and vibrantly alive, let us sit together world around, for sake of students in campuses universities - the future intellectuals. Let we clear the dust and dirt upon all our eyes.

We need to help cut the ties with that kind of aggression, which push them to take their own lives, and have countless different kind of applications, like drug or other kind of addictions. Let us help each other, not to let the things go that far.

When you are a student - your focus is on your studies, and your future progression and prosperity - there's no room for any kind of addictions. Why not be clean, neat, and decent, for sake of self, family, and rest of the world? Actually, really, you are a sole survivor - you come to help to self, a friend, colleague... to go universally. That is the message of this vigil, for all of humankind.

So let us share together in heart and soul, sit and pray for all our self-solidarity. In any and every way your sense of compassion allows you to participate, I heartfully appreciate and welcome to you.

Pray for these souls that have untimingly left the body. All beings upon the edge of desperacy as heartbrokenness. The ones feeling the untamable pressure of emotional swings, consumed in the flames of anger, or drowning in a depth of hopelessness, depression, and pain.

Pray so that they may feel they are not suffering alone.

Pray as a universal offering of compassion, love, and inner peace - harmoniously.

Learn to embrace and be a good friend to self... and naturally share this sense of blissfulness with anyone, everyone, and many ones.

This vigil has been celebrated annually for the last 50 years, since the time I was in India, and throughout all my world travels - in Germany, Syria, Mexico, Poland, Scandinavia, California and New York, USA. So I welcome to you to be in the family... be a sweet soul as inner child, with a deedful heart and mind."


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