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   Adiatmana (Babajaan)


Adiatmana, a mystic Sufi, was discovered speaking Sanskrit spontaneously at the age of 2. At the age of 7, he witnessed his younger brother passing away in their mother's arms, from an unexpected reaction to Penicillin. Hearing his mother crying, begging, and praying to God to return her beloved child, he found himself propelled deep into ascetic studies, seeking to understand the true nature of such a God, and our existence.


During his early teenage years, Adiatmana devoted his attention to theosophy, meditation, prayer and seva (devotional service) at The Golden Temple in Amritsar, and the monastery of H. H. the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. He also spent many days voluntarily assisting the residents of a home for the blind, deaf and mute. Although most could barely talk, they desperately made efforts to communicate with him - young men and women who had no hope for a joyful future of love, marriage and family. Their innocence, suffering, and the purity of their emotions struck his heart, opening page after page in his study of the role of genetic inheritance and environmental effect.

Adiataman (Babajaan) in Malmö, Sweden, January 2015
Adiatmana (Babajaan) in Dharamsala, India, June 2017


Since that time, Adiatmana has dedicated his life to the healing of all beings. Bringing focus to the eternal light - innocence, love, compassion, and wisdom - of the Inner Child within every being, and awakening conscience awareness, he inspires us to love ourselves. He gently reminds us to practice patience with forgiveness, and allow the healing of our broken hearts. He guides us to develop a thorough, experiential, and non-judgemental understanding of the conditioning of individual nature and nurture, nationality and culture. Through this process we can develop acceptance and tolerance for the many coexisting layers of our existence, and come to experience a deep sense of inner peace, courage, and freedom to follow the heart and intuition. Through spontaneous sharing of universal wisdom and unconditional love, he offers a living example for all seeking to uncover and perpetuate the soul's innate virtues.

Adiataman (Babajaan) in Malmö, Sweden, January 2015

Adiatmana has traveled all around the world, offering constant prayer and guidance - sometimes even the clothes upon his back - to anyone he comes across who is in need. In the 1970s, while a student in Germany, he began a practice of conducting silent fasting and meditation in the concentration camp sites, for all the souls who had suffered there. He perpetuated this practice in the USA, where along with many other beloved souls, he also established The House of Supreme Peace, a Universal School of Intuitive Wisdom, in Ithaca, NY.


In 2014 he returned to Germany, Poland and Scandinavia, to continue his lifetime commitment of prayer. Following this he returned to India, where he is currently offering teachings in Dharamsala.


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