Here at Adiatam Hermitage, we treasure the uniqueness of each being, and offer nurturing presence & environment for your innate healing ability to flourish. Through the experience of deep meditative listening, combined with ancient medicinal wisdom, intuitive accuracy, and skillful technique, you will receive the support you need to naturally return to a state of inner balance, wholeness, and optimal health.


~ In the presence of compassion, innocence, and unconditional love,
the spark of self-love is ignited, and self-healing spontaneously occurs. ~


  Essential Wellbeing Sessions


Receiving regular therapeutic body & energywork is a deeply soothing and effective way to promote:

- restful nighttime sleep

- self-confidence & natural positivity

- mental clarity & concentration ability

- understanding of mind-body connection

- greater sense of presence & inner peace

     and more...


- muscle tone, flexibility & strength

- healthy blood & lymph circulation

- tendon, ligament & injury healing

- full range of joint mobility

- balanced immune function

- smooth digestion


The foundation of our healing services is the understanding that everything we are, sense, and feel is made of our perception of vibrational energies, and that everything is interdependent and exists in a dynamic equilibrium. Through engaging with one’s own loving presence, and listening to the heart, one can uncover innate wisdom, and deepen in understanding of how one co-creates, and is capable of transforming one’s experience of life.



30, 60, & 90 minute Integrative Body & Energy Healing sessions, are available by appointment only.

Contact us hereor via email at, to schedule your healing session with Alice Pan, BA, LMT.