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Metamorphosis : 2

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Metamorphosis ===


Heart Blood of the Earth Mother,

Sustain us on this journey of awakening.

Honoring you as our guide,

Allowing ourselves to heal,

We offer our prayers and healing to you,

For all beings: all our relations.


Pure white clouds of nourishing flesh,

Envelop a river of medicinal nectar,

Delivering bittersweet truth of life.


Surrendering, melting into this bitterness,

Pass through the sieve of consciousness

Into another worldview:

The dimension of Oneness -

Eternal kernel of wisdom

Alive within the Soul.


Let wrinkles of experience unfold

To reveal impressions they hold

Of selves once been -

These mere layers,

Unconsciously mistaken

For the whole.


Embrace these shadows fully,

For they are simply

Facets of consciousness

Faces of human mind.


Whatever was spoken at the time,

Freezing and concealing pain

Behind the veil of ignorance,

Know that one has chosen this -

One has allowed oneself

To be thus defined.


Integrating the lessons

Held in past choices,

One is free

To Choose Peace -

With every heartbeat,

Divine Essence -

Permeating each atom

With Forgiveness,

Realigning each cell

In Love.





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