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Metamorphosis : 1




One of the blessings of solitude, is that it clears away the white noise of casual distractions, and heightens awareness of subtle addictions. It brings me face to face with vibrations of fear and pain, and reveals their original source - the taproot and its intricate network of branches - for me to experience, and observe.


In solitude, I allow myself to attune my senses to the inner world, of intuition and awakened conscious awareness. Embracing this state of wholeness and oneness, I listen to the soul. I ask, and can clearly hear, what it knows, what it is aware that I am here to learn, what it truly needs and longs for. I am able to reconnect with the pure light of innocence, love, hope, and trust - the essence of the being I've always been, and what I am growing increasingly able to share with the world.


This is a natural and necessary stage in metamorphosis.


Stepping consciously into the Self-woven cocoon, to patiently prepare, await, and inevitably undergo the process of integration, healing, transformation, and evolution.


Welcoming all that may arise, so that the old ways can fully disintegrate, and turn into nourishment for new strength and health.


Each day awakening to traverse an uncharted, yet eternally guided path of life. With every breath, every step, choosing Harmony, Love and Peace.


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