• Aastha

Walking the Bridge of Love

The inner child is always seeking for unity, unification...for wholeness. Whenever there is discord in family, between friends, or in community, my innocence feels deep pain and sorrow, as if the rainbow in the sky has been shattered into a million pieces.

Yet as time passes, I recognize that for some it can take a very long time, even an entire lifetime, to open to the possibility of overcoming fear. And it becomes clear, that I must first focus the attention and effort within.

I find myself in deep gratitude for the experience of facing my personal hell. Meeting and serving people who - no matter what I might try - would still feel dissatisfaction and disgust toward me. Finding out that no matter how beautifully I might be determined to present myself, believing I am sharing compassion and wisdom - there may still be those who will see me as rude, ridiculous, hurtful, or ugly. I'm grateful for their blunt sharing of these feelings and reactions, as this has helped to break open the old skin, so I may begin to see myself - and the world - through their eyes. And understand more deeply what it means to be of service.

We are each free and entitled to our individual feelings, opinions, identity, sense of safety. There is no need to try to control either my impression, or another person's response. Whom am I hiding from, and what for...? The ghost memories of past pain - rage, self-blame, mistrust, abandonment, grief - which arise for sake of helping me learn to rise beyond them.

I'm truly OK, simply the way I am in this moment. And so is everyone else. It's such a relief to breathe with this freedom.

Allowing awareness to be awakened with honest truth, healing through broken-heartedness. Step by step I am walking the bridge of love into embodying the solidarity as oneness, that I have always been longing for. And I am here: listening, praying, sharing.

~ Thank you to mother earth who sustains us, and to all beings who walk the path of life before and along side of us. Thank you for the boundless compassion, and commitment to embodying the wisdom of eternity - inspiring and challenging us to be straight and true. ~

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~ Belief is just for your own Self sake...

...this belongs to your spontaneous eternity!

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