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The Soul's Purpose, To Understand

As soul, each of us has made a commitment for this life -

a purpose, or a course of study... to fulfill.

The more we seek clarity about this purpose, the easier it can be to experience a depth of understanding and sense of peace. Because to understand our soul's purpose gives us perspective and courage to face even what feels like most challenging circumstances.

So perhaps it would help you at this point, or sometime, to look back on your life so far, and ask yourself, if there is any common thread, to both your happiest memories, and the most challenging and painful ones.

What does your soul wish you to learn through these experiences?

Maybe a certain message has arisen time after time in your awareness, which sometimes you have noticed, sometimes ignored, and sometimes tried to understand and follow.

This is how the process of life in the physical form is for very many of us.

The soul is eternal. It does not die, and is not born... and it remembers everything we have ever experienced. especially the memories of situations where there is still something we need to learn - those tend to be the memories that stick around the most.

Essentially the soul's purpose is to embody and share love, unity, healing, and wholeness. yet there are infinitive paths to perpetuate this purpose... and each one of us is on a unique journey of this nature - this life is one segment of the journey.

Sometimes we're also afraid of embracing this journey and expression of soul's true purpose... and that fear can keep us in ambivalence - essentially we stay behind the clouds, and feel stuck. But eventually we get frustrated with that, or bored... even angry.

It's not a sign necessarily that we need to get up and physically leave the situation - at the heart I believe it is more that there is a lesson waiting for us to come to understand, and in our stubbornness, and fear, we are avoiding to sense that truth - the total accuracy and wisdom of intuition.

With that clarity it becomes easier to understand what we need to do in the physical plane.

Relationships begin and end.. but the relativity between souls never ends.

Maybe it is not going to go forward in this stage, manner, time and place - on the timeline of the soul's journey. But perhaps it will be continued later in this lifetime or future ones.


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