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Surrendering into Sacredness

The path of life itself supports us as we journey through the universe. Experiences of wonder and pain are like the beautiful flowers and their thorns, that pierce through our ignorance, calling us to clearly visualize the underlying structures of our sense of "reality," our perceptions and preferences.

What is needed is being willing to step forward, bare-footed and bare-handed... honoring Mother Nature / Earth, with a daily practice of offering gratitude for her compassion and care. Returning as an innocent, naked child, surrendering into trust in the eternal embrace of Mother Nature / Earth and Divine to be in deep connection with the sacredness of all life.

Nature has always been, and will always be, listening and responding to the subtlest shifts in our beings - every vibration of our souls' intentions, wishes, joys and sorrows. Her every leaf is part of the reflection of us and our existence here.

She shares tirelessly in our pain, and allows us to use and destroy her, while she awaits and guides our awakening to the truth of fundamental interconnection with herself, and every creature, every form through which Spirit breathes and is continuously unfolding its great vision.

It's a fundamental sense of belief and trust, beyond the mind concepts, that helps us experience a thread of sacredness that is the core of each and every moment.

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