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In every pain, there is a path

Today I begin to understand deeper, that it is not possible to be free of desire by avoiding to experience it. Wherever there is avoidance, there is judgement. Wherever there is judgement there is fear. Wherever there is fear, there is also potential of pain. And wherever there is pain, there is also desire... so to avoid desire just takes us in a circle...! Every seeking for fulfillment of desire, is also act of avoiding its true nature.

Through embracing desire, it is possible to sense the deeper instinctive need, being expressed as desire: which is truly to be connected, to be held, to be healed in Love. In every pain, there is pathway for Love. With compassionate awareness, desire can be a bridge for us to walk with loving-kindness into more intimate friendship and understanding.

Yet to experience Love, we must ourselves surrender. Through surrendering to the experience of desire, we meet with our pain, and our fear... then free-falling... ah! for a timeless heartbeat we find we are nothing, except essence of Love.

I thank deeply for the strength & support of all the Soul Sangha, to stay connected in my heart, to stay with myself here & now. Your inner journey, whichever way you are traveling, truly help me to trust the path of this walking!


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