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hummm...mor(e) musings of a solo traveler

it's so funny, you know? life is so funny.

we try so hard to do so much... and it all goes away in the end anyway.

we get angry at friends or loved ones... then a while later we finally get over it and everything is just the way it was again. except that hopefully we learned something meaningful in the process.

yeah... i think that traveling a lot has helped me to feel the humor

because when you go through the most nightmarish experience you ever could imagine would happen in life... and you survive it... you learn a lot, and everything seems a bit humorous after that.

hmm... humor is helpful for health...! if you always walk in fear, your immune system generally is under stress all the time... so then you do tend to get sick more easily anyhow.

i try to just be happy and grateful for whatever i have right now - even if it is pain, or illness, things being out of wack.

if you can try to appreciate and even be loving with yourself, no matter what you may be experiencing... it lightens things up. it lightens the load.

it's what has helped me on these travels... 6 months...not being sure where i'm gonna sleep in the night... and always a new place, unknown, unfamiliar...

trust... work... learning hard lessons...

learning to live with less and still be happy... and even happier...

facing and crossing repeatedly through the deepest fears... fear of being isolated and alone.

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