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Embracing Inner Truth and Being Invisible

For a number of years now, I've been asked not to share publicly or allow others to witness some of the most meaningful aspects of myself and my life, out of consideration for another being's learning process. It's been challenging at times to respectfully maintain my silence, and keep the truth of my soul invisible from the world. But I have understood that with knowledge and wisdom, comes a degree of responsibility.

I have frequently been accused of and crtiticized for keeping secrets, lying, and intentionally causing and perpetuating pain and suffering. Yet, whenever I did try to offer my own understanding of the truth of the situation, the other being was not able to truly hear or receive it.

So even now I can see that it has been necessary to give the other being being time to surf and learn on their own behalf and in their own way, as painful as it may have been for all of us. Life certainly can feel very strange sometimes...and ask us for a lot of tolerance and patience.

I'm learning that compassion can require a lot of self-discipline. For me, this has meant remaining in the background so that another being could find their sense of belonging, truth, and trust in themselves...until they had matured enough to listen and open to possibilities beyond the realm of their own thinking.

And in this process, I have also been learning to listen within, continually abiding in my sense of truth. Trusting in the presence of love beyond words, images, the material physical form...and trusting in the bigger picture of life. Learning to love myself...and support the welfare and prosperity of others. Invisibly... and anonymously.

Working as an energy healer is for me a similar nature of practice - opening oneself to be present, and simply act as a channel for Source energy to flow through and support another being's self-healing. Giving freely in proportion to the depth of need. Trusting that pure love nurtures the innocence and inherent goodness in another being... which only makes the world a better place, and therefore is good for us all. There is no room for ego or claim to involve or interfere... just trusting and allowing... remaining strong and clear, while surrendering oneself to Divine Will and the ways of the Infinitive Universe.


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