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Embodying Love

My entire being is absolutely, heartbrokenly crying to know love - unconditional, divine love. And with this also is coming an understanding, that to know love, means to embody it in the act of selfless giving. There is an ancient Soufi poem, which says - 'I asked for love, and God gave me people to love.' This is how we open the channels within ourselves to experience the truth of love.

Love is within us all, and in the depth of our souls, we are all familiar with love - no matter how long our absence has been.

Without acceptance of unconditional love, we may feel a deep pain and sorrow of neglect, which feels very similar to dying. And although in continuation this pain becomes covered with numbness, the memory of the sorrow remains deep in our subconscious, and surfaces time after time as a fear of being alone, of being abandoned, of change, or of death. Sometimes this sorrow, unattended, can lead to depression - or in time it may resurface spontaneously in the presence of compassion.

To know love, is to give love, and to give love, is to receive love - divine, unconditional love. As we become open to experiencing love, then our senses also open to perceive and appreciate the presence and beauty of love all around us - in all what we used to like, and what we used to hate.

Love is even in Mother Nature’s most basic and perpetual acts of sustaining life, and ending it. Love is permanent and unchanging, passing through life's constant transformations…

My eyes see what my heart desires
Yet i do not choose to keep it -
i give it away completely
to one who is in need -

the experience of true generosity
is the soul’s breath of life
how can i expect to receive love,
when i cannot dare to realise
it is already embodied within me?

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