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Cradled in the womb of Soul's awareness

Ever so gently yet with tremendous suppleness, we are held in motherly embrace of the cradle, the womb of Soul's wisdom & awareness... in every situation and experience, may we remember we are eternally guided by this thread of truth, honesty, deep knowing.

Fear is not bad thing - it is a signal flag, to let us pay more attention and ask: hey, hello - what am i doing in this moment? where am i right now? where am i placing my feet right now? how am i walking...?

We can only find our inner strength if we first acknowledge the presence of fear and listen for its lesson, which is: to remember we are already Whole. Allow ourselves to let go of the old ideas of support - what was helping in past but no longer works in present -and Trust. Ahhhhhhhh...!

At the same time we can nourish ourselves enough and a little bit extra, with loving-kindness and positivity to support our growth. When we are letting go of something, there remains a we can compassionately offer ourselves something truly needed, as nourishment for this current stage of transformation. A warm candle-light bath... delicious balanced meal... hot cup of tea at the fireside... walking barefoot in the rain... meditation in moonlight... joyful sharing of unconditional love... creating space for each and every one to cultivate the divine beautiful heart blossoming within.

In letting go of sense of attachment, desire, need for"possession," which is all illusion anyhow... we come face to face with fear... and as we learn to soften with this... the heart finds finally the space to open.

~ Gratitude for the sharing ~

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