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Origin & meaning of the word 'intuition'

The word 'intuition' is becoming increasingly more common in the vernacular of modern society. Yet, the essence of its meaning has been long present in ancient wisdom, languages and cultures.

In age-old accounts of the lives of Gautama Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna, Satya Sai Baba, and many others... all the way to the gypsy people in Kashmir... and aboriginal or native peoples worldwide... the essence of 'intuition' has been embodied as a way of life.

Revered for their transcendent wisdom, instinctive understanding of interdependence and the rhythms of Nature, pure innocence and universal sense of compassion, these beings exemplify the innate potential that is the inspiration of the Soul.

Intuition is the core of our existence, as we travel on this journey of life - an eternal path of unity - learning to be unified within our constantly developing understanding of self and universe, Divine Soul and oneness.

Intuition is the spontaneous embodiment of truth.

In our present time, the internet and social media are the foremost means of communication. As the speed of electronic communication increases, so there is a tendency for us to

become more casual in our expressions... because no matter how fast we can type, click, or speak - the arising of our thoughts is still faster - faster than the speed of light. One may notice, for example, that the faster the possibility to make a post on Facebook, the slower actually one becomes at formulating the post, as the wheel of thoughts seems to be spinning far beyond one's familiarity of tracing its movements.

Intuition functions beyond all thought - in the absence of reasoning and any application of the senses. It is innate knowing - telepathic expression of universal wisdom - channel of divine Love.

Long before speech and writing had developed, all evolution, growth, learning and understanding were initiated via telepathy - something deeper even than instinct. One can say that in essence, we are intuition.

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