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Living in world of illusion

In this present day, our society runs with money as its breath.

Mostly we feel we must have money to enjoy life as we wish... and when we are unable to sense that we have enough, we may resort to unethical activities, or become addicted to mind-bargaining... out of a sense of desperacy...

Indeed money makes seem many things in life easier to accomplish -

Yet, what is the worth of betraying our own innocence and decency,

for the sake of gaining something that at the time of our death,

we will only leave behind...?

May we learn not to let fear drive us ever deeper into this illusion!

Once the heart is no longer beating, the brain and body also stop functioning...

What meaning will be left then, in all that we have accumulated during our lives?

What sense of identity or ambition will matter then, if it has served only to delude, impress, intimidate and separate from others...?

Learning to love and accept oneself, and finding courage to face one's life circumstances with honesty and dignity, nourishes the heart and aligns one's being with the soul's inherent wisdom and purpose.

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