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an ascetic sense of priority

In life it is not possible for us to have everything the way we wish for or believe we need it to be - that nature of perfection does not exist in this world...

Yet, we always have the choice to accept or not to accept our circumstances.

Through acceptance, our perspective can shift from one of a sense of lacking, or fear of losing, to one of gratitude and joy.

There is nothing permanent in life except the soul and its divine essence - connection with God and Divine Mother.

The more we embrace the impermanence of life in physical plane.. the more we embrace the reality of the death of all creation, including our physical forms... the more we can live in the rhythm and harmony of spontaneous intuitive truth.

An ascetic - a being whose priority of existence is to realize and fulfill the purpose of the soul, the Aatma, or supreme Self - must give up all attachment to material world, because without doing this, it would be impossible to allow the true expression of the soul.

So this is an example of how there are times we must seek clarity of what is our ultimate priority, in every moment of this life - what is the most important to us in life?

In answering this question one will find clarity with regards to the choices and decisions that we meet with... and peace of heart and mind.

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