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Be Stillness - Be Love

Immersed in silence, solitude, and inner stillness, there is no one to speak with except my own Self, no one to answer to, except my own awareness, and no one to obey, except the direction of my own will.

I find I start talking to cats, to fire, to food, to computer, to walls... to everything, looks like as a dialogue with my own mind. This is bordering on insanity feeling... but beyond this there is something - a sense that all there is left, in the depth of silence, is a conversation with God.

I listen to hear the voice of God, yet surprise, I find there is no sound, no guidance - except what is written within my own Heart & Soul.

What deepest purpose of existence is written there, I seek to learn?

God & Heart & Soul are One - in Heart & Soul we are all One. There is no separation between Mind, Body, Heart & Soul... we are God as Soul in Heart, Body & Mind. Embrace and embody every part of self as One expression of God. This Now is forever - we write our past and future in this Here Now. Be present for this Now, Be Stillness - Be Love.

Feeling the softness of the Heart, the tenderness of each beat, calling to enter the magnanimous perspective of Heart, pure Love and Compassion...

Living as Heart, we simply transcend all that the mind can comprehend and claim for its own sake... Existing as Heart, there is no more separate existence for mind... Living in devotion for Love of all as Oneness...

I am Loving Us All...totally! Deep Gratitude & Blessed Night!

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