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Living with a perspective of gratitude

While gathering apples brought down by the clearing winds of last evening's storm...

We humans have lost sense of purpose of our gifts.

Every form of life has senses developed and honed for specific application - for example, bees, who do the work of pollinating the flowers... or deer, who come to find these apples to eat... or birds, who know by instinct when the fruits will be perfectly ripened.

As humans, we have been gifted with refinement of 5 senses, which allow us to appreciate the beauty of existence, of Nature, and Divine Universe. We have been gifted with sophisticated mind, which can identify, analyze, and ascertain meaning. We have been gifted with heart, which helps us to feel, to empathize, forgive, and experience all life as inspiration for Compassion, and expression of Love. With regards to instinct and intuition - 6th sense - we are less developed, so accordingly we would aspire simply to be students, respectful companions, and caretakers of other forms of life and Mother Earth.

Other forms of life work so diligently, to fulfill their part in the cycle of growth. Yet we, through our arrogance, greed and ambition - from our doubt and fear, have placed ourselves in the role of being theives and destroyers of balance and harmony. It is as if we go with the sense to take, and in our fearfulness we cannot determine if we have any basket to put the things in! So even though we may come back with basket full, we still fear we have nothing or not enough.

We have lost understanding of how to be grateful, how to give, and receive. We have become so afraid of losing and not having enough for surviving, that we have closed our doors of truly receiving, and of trusting in the Truth that our whole existence is held and supported by Nature and Sacred Creator-Creatress.

We have so much capacity to stay humble and grateful in presence of Truth. To learn to remain open, to hear and accept the deeper Truth, is also to learn to Let Go! of arrogance, and attachment to a transient, illusive sense of identity, source of comfort. In this act of Trust, we allow ourselves to merge with flow of Wisdom & Loving Nurturance.

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