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A loving courtship

In this moment I begin to understand our whole journey of lifetimes as a loving courtship between the (libidic, physical, material) self and the Soul (the Creator-Creatress, the Inner Divine)... A playful dance, of fear, ignorance, avoidance, arrogance, shyness, aggression, doubtfulness, denial, charm, seduction, cleverness, enthusiasm, joy, acceptance... beautiful foolish balancing act upon the precipice of surrender=ascen-dance into dimension of Heart. The mind-body is the vehicle and instrument for the journey: each and every aspect of its existence is an expression of Devotion to Unconditional Love, and is part of the path of evolution.

In allowing simply honesty, I also face my fears - fears of surrender - and go deeper into the eternal embrace with the Soul.

For the mind, it seems terrifying that the whole universe of existence is True Love Forever...!

Yet the eternal embrace waits and awaits us (There is Only NOW! There is Only NOW! Only NOW!) Again and again the mind runs with fears. Again and again I say Yes!, and learn to love even the running fears and fearful running...

In Truth, all are parts of the Whole. In Love is Ínfinitive Wisdom, Humility, Compassion, Patience, Humor and Forgiveness.

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