Suluv tribal pant, Thai cotton twill

Suluv tribal pant, Thai cotton twill

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"Suluv" means "spontaneous compassion".

This beautiful tribal style pant is made of fine quality, hand-loomed Thai cotton twill fabric. It is an opaque, strong, subtly textured, and comfortable fabric, great for layering over favorite yoga leggings in early morning and evening, transitional or mountain climate.

It has full elastic at the back, which allows the pant to comfortably accommodate up to 40" waist. Also has two hidden ample side pockets. One size fits most.

We have specially designed this pant in collaboration with Thai female entrepreneurs, and it has been stitched by fellow skilled women who are being ethically employed.

~ Belief is just for your own Self sake...

...this belongs to your spontaneous eternity!

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