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Anubhuti: Initiative Sense of Awakening

Updated: Nov 11, 2017



Anubhuti - Initiative sense of awakening

(symphonic chord of the rhythmic depth of awareness)

It’s totally up to us,

We not doing anything for any other sake,

except the sake of self.

“Oh, i’m doing for sake of my ma, or my son, or my husband"

No! That’s the silliest thing.

It’s a genetic illusory - oddity with your spontaneous time you joyfully attentively initiated, to share the glory of wisdom.

We are not enough mature with the alphabet of another dimensional wisdom.

We been taught centuries as holiness:

the "Prasad of Holiness” - means "hopefulness, soulfulness…"

They remind to humankind, mindfully.

But you know, the environmental oddity -

bunch of incidents or accidents, timingly or untimingly,

hit the symphonic chord of the rhythmic depth of your awareness.

So sometimes you are not enough mature in that sense of adoration,

or, punctual to be with your own school of intuition,

with an initiative mode of awareness.

Because you doing for your own sake, your own self...

It’s not right, the fashion of fakery

to impress somebody, pleased somebody

and play with a living lie.

There’s no existence of these things

in an-other initiative, dimensional, glorious perpetuation as a merit.

You have to do first for sake of your own self.

We made bunch of mistakes,

knowingly we are not right.

And you are first one to be forget:

forgiveness - that’s your own self.

Hug yourself, and if your tears come - welcome.

Say to your hardship,

“ I forgive myself - I’m close to perpetuate that, the virtue of life, as a visual reality,

and that visual reality I want to touch it, feel it... I’m gonna live it for the rest of my life.

Few more years I’m gonna live, I’m gonna live joyfully."

We need to practice patience with forgiveness, to self first,

and then rest of the world, as a family.


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