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We Can Uplift Ourselves, Wherever We Are

September 17, 2016


Sometimes being in transition can feel like the scariest, and loneliest time... and also the most exciting, as one's curiosity wonders: what's coming next? Rising just beyond the next peak is a glimmer of cool, soothing light. Moving into and merging into the light, just barely sensing the physical's all gone, nothing left - except this soft yet bright light. Who knows where this journey will lead, or how the world will seem when one emerges on the other side. Ready to let go of the old in peace, ready to walk through into a new way of being. Again, and a soul passing through.


August 6, 2016


The past week of searching for a new home has been an intense one, of learning a deeper meaning of trusting myself, and trusting in the greater will of the universe. I'm still looking, yet with each step, the lens is getting more clear.

Recognizing that I am traveling in this journey of life in a unique way, which I only understand best, and coming to embrace the truth of aloneness. That I must rely first on myself. And to do that means finding the compassion to be honest and realistic, so that I may clearly sense my capabilities, and uncover strength and wisdom within. Making the effort to embody the principles of respect, courage, and kindness, that i had been longing for.

For we are each facing our personal struggles and challenges. And on some level, everyone feels overwhelm and in need of support. So it is better to simply do one's best, to find the strength and grace, to accept the situation, step into the pain, and come to embrace oneself in the midst of it.

In finding courage and strength within - connecting with universal wisdom - it becomes possible naturally to share this with the world around me. We each can do fact we already do, in more ways than we know. Rather than depending upon and weighing each other down, we can inspire decency in our world. Entering and embracing our deepest fears - for me, facing the terror of feeling alone... And feeling the fragility of existence - is a doorway to experiencing greater freedom.

Looking for a new home began as a fearful search for a safer place, and has become a path of accepting the challenges of life, and finding the gut to face and embrace them, so that I may do my part in brightening and uplifting this world. May the many blessings the universe has given me, be of service.


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