• Aastha

We Are A Wonder of Nature

In the light of recent world events, in prayer for all those who are suffering and struggling to fulfill basic needs, or who are in shock as loved ones are suddenly no longer in the body...or are presently clinging to a thin sliver of life...

We can remember to be grateful for being able to live a life of relative plenty and prosperity. There's no perfection in this material world, and regardless of our difficulties, perhaps we are blessed to have a source of livelihood, and a sense of community...that struggles together and ultimately supports our best.

I'm grateful for a profound sense of truth, purpose, and connection, beyond the physical senses.

For the subtle beauty in life - a flower that has been developing all along, even though what has been filling our vision and consuming our energy up to this point, are all the challenges of learning and growth.

Within the protection of the thorny branches of our pain, a breathtaking wonder of nature is blossoming.


Awed by a stormy day view of the Hudson River. When we are willing to let go of our notions, preferences, and judgements...the natural beauty of nature and life become visible all around us.


~ Belief is just for your own Self sake...

...this belongs to your spontaneous eternity!

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