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Universal Love Begins With Loving Oneself

Meditation, prayer, and learning, are the main focus...and passion of my life.

Meditation is for me a practice of deep listening - befriending and embracing the many facets of this being I know as myself. Nurturing the inner child, as one abides in its eternal sense of innocence, innate sense of compassion and wisdom.

Meditation is also a training in surrendering to the nature of all life as interconnected and ever-changing. Continually recognizing the limits of one's frame of mind, and letting go - stepping into a broader perspective. Developing tolerance for the unfamiliar and unknown, so that one may ultimately be able to realize something greater and more essential.

Prayer is for me a concious, intentional process of aligning oneself with a universal sense of existence and purpose. In every heartbeat...going beyond.

I enjoy the daily work - I do at times get absorbed in the juicy challenges of sharing, interacting with, educating others. I live and love and care deeply for family and friends.

Yet, much more sweet and dear to me than anything else, is the connection to God that I feel is the core of the soul. The experience of coming to embody universal love, more and more fully.

Sitting within the pristinely soft petals of a lotus bud...incrementally unfolding and breathing in each moment.

Resting in the beauty of simply being. Gently cradled in the love and joy that surrounds and infuses all that we are. A sense of profound inner peace. Ahh.


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