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Maha Shivratri Prayer

Feeling truly blessed tonight, to be living with innocence, humility, loving-kindness... an inherent sense of confidence, trust, and peace.

Having experienced deep pain, fear, anger, sorrow, and doubt... and struggled to unravel myself through the confusion... I realise I've been undergoing a thorough process of learning and practicing step by step, a deeper meaning of forgiveness, accepting myself and others just as we are...with all our imperfections, as well as all our potential. I'm learning that humility opens the door to clarity, and inner freedom. That while a false confidence can built upon proving one is right...out of fear or anger... One can uncover a more fundamental nature of confidence, within a willingness to acknowledge one's mistakes and learn from them.

On this MahaShivratri...a time of profound stillness that holds all endings and possibilities for new beginnings... Great Lord Shiva, awakened master of all upon the path of self-knowing - embodiment of the essential energies of birth, death, immortality and the eternal truth of oneness... I'm praying that all beings may be able to learn what they seek to understand in life, and may come to experience the beauty and harmony of happiness, joy, and love, in their own time and way.

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Narayani Namo 'astute 💗🙏


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