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Let We Trust In Our Soul Calling


When you sense a calling that feels true to the heart and soul, it is good to try, as much as possible, to trust oneself and go for it 100%.

The experiences you encounter along the way will naturally be different than what you had imagined. Yet, amidst the disorientation, you will be able to look back and know that you have taken steps with as much trust, wisdom and understanding as you could have at the time.

If you go traveling to a foreign country, you will find yourself in place where everyone speaks another language, where you don't know anyone for miles around, and where you may not have any transportation or a working mobile phone. At times it can seem that there is nobody who can really offer support. Within this feeling of isolation, old experiences of abandonment can resurface and bring you back to an early childhood sense of helplessness. The questions of 'who am I?' and 'what is the purpose of this existence?' may resound loudly, overwhelming all other functioning of the mind, and you may find yourself struggling to stay afloat in a bottomless well of doubt and fear.

In the depth of the silence and aloneness, you can finally come face to face with the truth, that no matter how much God or anyone loves you, it is still up to you to choose and allow yourself to receive it. Looking into this mirror, you will naturally find the key to your own heart, that you have hidden away for so long - and surrender to the boundless compassion and unconditional love that have always been there, waiting to embrace you.

And you are always learning, and growing, expanding your awareness and knowledge with every new experience.

So the journey keeps going on.

You are whoever you are, and you know best what that is.


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