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Just Being Present, Open to Learn

One glimpse at the news channel makes my heartbeat race with anxiety and fear… and a deep sense of helplessness - what can I or any of us do, and will any of our efforts truly make any difference…? In the midst of major changes and shifts happening all around the world, on every level, and in every aspect of life.


The challenge that I feel I’m being asked to step up to, is not to turn away and ignore and pretend it’s not all happening for me and for all of us right now. And to just hang in, being present to acknowledge, feel, and find ground and center again and again - within the cyclone of discomfort that arises in the destabilization and turbulence. Allowing the discomfort to inspire - and indeed propel me, with a greater sense of sincerity and urgency, into the daily practice of finding the courage, strength, and will power to continue opening into the heart, and relating to myself and the world with heart, and wisdom. To embody more and more fully, with every breath, the trust, peace, love, and grace, that I know are available and present, always awaiting and accompanying me. Praying that all beings may be connected with this inner potential, and that we may all find ways to share this freely with one another.


Every moment these days, I feel I can simply give in to running around like the ghost of a headless chicken (we are in the year of the Fire Bird after all 🙃🐓🔥)… or I can choose to come back to self-love, self-care. And so, as the wildfires burn in CA, and as the fires of rage, aggression and violence burn in hearts and minds, polarizing communities in every continent - here, somewhat ironically it seems, I light and tend a little ghee lamp. Yet, nothing makes more sense to me, except to sit and meditate, continuing to embrace my entirety in serenity, beauty, innocence. Remembering the healing power of true art, and that energetic vibrations are always pure, no matter via which nature of form they are being expressed. Studying and learning the great life lessons being presented now - of letting go, and surrendering oneself to the process of transformation and reawakening. Sending love and prayer into the world, in the hope and trust that it will help to spark and provide sustenance for the inner light.

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