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Immeasurable Richness Within Us

It's been a long, amazing, and challenging week. Today is day 20 of working without a break. And it's not over yet...until after tomorrow morning's house call. Learning is happening rapidly on many levels - spiritual, emotional, practical, professional. I'm grateful for my willingness and ability, to keep perspective and focusing on the learning, even when everything seems to be turning upside down and inside out. Like a hawk riding the early winds of Spring.

Waking up each morning feeling exhausted, rising to return to face whatever the day may hold. Propelling myself into the drivers seat of the car...and of my life.

What keeps me going is an inherent sense of trust, that everything I'm experiencing is part of a greater process of awakening.

And although I may not believe I have the energy, each time I come face to face with another being, a student, a class, a patient... I find myself involuntarily inspired to meet and explore the vivid messy imperfection of humanness, that is essential to the process of transformation. Inexplicable sense of joy that arises in meeting with integrity, balance, wisdom, kindness, a tender and open heart.

Offering presence and guidance with a fundamental sense of trust and faith in each and every being's innate ability to recognize truth and self-heal. Finding balance in knowing that the role I fulfill is simply to awaken and nourish this ability, through the act of being a compassionate witness.

I'm grateful for these students, and people seeking support through massage and energy members... People who are loving life, hating life, and everything in between. Perhaps without realizing it, we bring immeasurable richness to this life - through our pain, struggles, humor, and trust, as we go about step by step finding the way to help ourselves.

I cry with your pain...I rejoice in your love...I listen to your seeking. What i see in you is a reflection of part of me...and what you see in me is a reflection of what is in you. I feel honored to be on this journey... Thank you.


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