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For the One WithIn

i’m crying for the person - the radiant true soul-being - who does not dare to show itself to the world…share itself with the world

for fear of being misunderstood, or criticized, judged, mis-used, abused.

the brightened star shining within

a person i never knew i was until now.

where has my soul gone hiding?

i cannot live any longer this way.

it is time to emerge, to allow.

today has been an amazing day

this morning i awoke at 5am

to sit for meditation

and clarify from deep inside

what i truly want in this life

softly, with pervading stillness, entering into the depths of awareness.

i want to allow the healer inside me to serve the world

i want to dance myself to health - to find the path of healing through dance.

because dancing is the joyest for me in life.

Today for the first time, I find myself engaging in consciously, compassionately, and clearly saying "No" to situations that I feel in my gut, are not in harmony with health and wellbeing.

I am honoring myself by respecting my instinctive feelings, and abiding within my capability.

In doing so, I come to stand - centered in the present - as an open doorway of happiness and positive possibilities.

Yet, everything I've ever experienced in life, has been part of the learning that brings me to be where I am now.

Every experience of pain helps me to learn what is of true meaning for me - what is decent, compassionate and wise.

And in the very depth of pain, the door opens to go beyond - into boundless love.


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