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Flowing within the Fountain of Forgiveness

Forgiving. For-give. To give afore.

Begins with recognizing that all potential for love originates from within. And that we exist in a fundamental state of abundance...such that we can give love freely, before judgement or expectation.

And that as humans we are not perfect, so we all make mistakes. The need to defend one's righteousness only has its roots in fear...of feeling the pain of being hurt - judged, rejected, betrayed, abandoned - and of having acted in a way that could have hurt another being. The pain of having gone against the core of what one believes is basic decency and truth - of having failed to see the goodness within both oneself and another being, shining behind the convincing mask of fear.

What helps us to come through this state of self-imprisonment? The self-righteous anger and accusatory fingers? The projection of our fears in the form of doubt and criticism...unrealistic standards, demands, and expectations for another?

1. Forgiveness of one's own oversight. And accepting that we each were doing the best we could in those past moments, with the nature of our awareness and circumstances at the time.

2. Allowing oneself to honestly develop acceptance, and even appreciation, for all the facets of the situation. One's choices, actions, reactions...and those of others. The pleasure, joy, sorrow, and pain.

3. Being willing to learn from one's mistakes...and the whole situation. What was the theme throughout? How is this theme relevant to one's understanding of existence...and spiritual path?

Embracing all aspects of the other - especially the most painful of detestable aspects - as parts of oneself, can help to illuminate the fundamental truth beyond egoistic defense.

In this way one can cross through the dark chasm of pain, fear, and doubt...and emerge, centered within the temple of one's heart - The Heart - carrying a torchlight of compassion and wisdom.


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