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Catching up with the inner voices

It's been an intense 24 hours for me of catching up with the inner voices, facing up to the honesty of what is deeply felt and known. Being brought to the edge, to let go of what is not working, not in alignment with fundamental strength and health. Karma is created through our moment to moment, day to day, thoughts and actions. Let's first look for the Divine, the sacred, the truth, within. It's time to be more responsible about being kind, nurturing, and compassionate to oneself. Being ready and willing to love oneself, focusing on what is worth perpetuating, and engaging with consistent effort in one's health practices. Getting to bed early, walking up in time, eating well, making time to meditate. Putting things in order, moving forward with what one really believes in. It may feel like a struggle at first, but with practice, at least it the experience will become more familiar.

It's time to Trust, and build confidence in oneself step by step.


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~ Belief is just for your own Self sake...

...this belongs to your spontaneous eternity!

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