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Be In The Depth Of Your Own Self Solitude

Updated: Nov 11, 2017



You gonna surf and see your own lifetime

or lifelong documentary,

and you going to be examiner what you did all your life.

Since you sharing, sensing, and stabilising your awareness

what you made all your life:

an incident or an accident

something timingly or untimingly

something pendingly, or something completed.​

You going to sense it A to Z everything

and you are a judge,

whatever mark you gonna put there:

0 - null or A+

you are the examiner there

you gonna mark it

you gonna mark that yes or no.

So, if you gonna be a judge,

and this karmic wisdom, you make dawn to dusk your day with -

you are the one to sense it -

then why not we balancedly stabilised what we are doing?​

Why we are rushing and running

with a sound of time?

Life on a very fast lane -

sometimes we couldn’t even recognised

the person crossing on the road:

I’m this side, and other one is other side -

we are intimate, or we are soul mates,

you know?​

And then we smile sometime,

sometime we cry:

oh just such an accident,

or - was an incident -

i was in hurry.​

You was in hurry for what?

We never like to question to self. We do that karma, that practicality, you know? Nonsensely.

We don’t have any sense there what we doing, by the way.

And life is very unique, initiative gift from above.

Life is very precious. Yep.

It’s a spontaneously unique, wisdomly knowledge -

School of Intuition.

But we run after intellectuality from campuses universities -

in a certain subject we spend too much time to study about -

we pick up that curriculum of life.

But not the one we biologically, we inherited, we born with:

in my language we say 'Gunas'.

So, this is - sangha - is a sweetest thing.

So - and that’s I was talking with you last time:

before you go to bed

five minute, ten minute

just sit alone by yourself.

Be in the depth of your own solitude,

because you not harming, hurting anybody - it’s nobody’s concern there.

Your concern with your own existence, your own awareness, your own presence.

So that’s the best way, you know.


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