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Mirror of eternal hope

Dear J***!

...i feel since yesterday i am getting much stronger and more clear in understanding that nothing anyone says or does is a reflection of my inner worth and value, and that in the same way nothing i do reflects upon my inner value either - everything we do and experience in life is simply part of a process of learning. and to allow myself to really feel the deepest pain what i am so afraid of, is also to allow myself to learn the lesson from the situation, so that i may finally break out of the cycle of my own projection...

last 24 hours i spent actually visiting ***, sharing experiences with her and offering support for her to climb out of the hole she has been stuck in for some time now. together we began to set up the altar for prayer in her home, space for meditation, reconnecting with inner strength, power & pure light of the soul. light of awareness. light of love.

all we manifest is a mirror of what we are and see within ourselves... embracing this truth we can come into a state of deep inner calm and peace. in stillness our existence transcends time and space, past-present-future, multiple dimensions... and is expression of eternity.

we are never victims, for we ourselves invite the experiences of our lives. and in every aspect of experience, including what may feel like the deepest downs and the highest heights, we are an expression of strength, light and clarity...we may find ourselves completely challenged sometimes, but even these challenges come because we are ready to discover even more our strength and build a more firm foundation of trust and faith with-in ourselves.

it is time to set our sights and feet in the direction of what we wish to experience in life. to open the window and doors and invite in the support that in this moment of transition we truly need for us to begin to walk forward again. forward - meaning not away from ourselves, but deeper within.

to face our fear, is to bring a light into darkness... learning to stay within the eternal purity of the heart and soul, we become a humble, simple, unconditional offering of love, compassion, respect and healing for all beings.

much love gratitude and blessings ... warm hugs


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