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  The Way of Essential Wellbeing


Regardless of our religious belief or faith, for sake of our health and prosperity, we all need to experience and share love. Without love, even plants and animals do not flourish. And although some would deny it, the absolute truth is that each one of us is a conduit - both a receiver and a giver - for the energy of pure love.


We might feel sometimes very far from love - so much so, that love seems like just a concept, or something that is possible only for characters in novels or movies. We might not believe we are capable of loving, or receiving love.


Yet in essence, true love is spontaneous and innate - it is not something the mind needs to plan or create. We all know love when we are children - we cry for it, and we share it, without even being aware that we are being loving. And this knowing of love does not ever disappear - even though we may ignore or forget about it for some time.


Love is related with innocence, and the soul is eternally, virginly innocent. When the heart is touched - with beauty, sorrow, pain, or affection - and instantly innocence resurfaces freshly, just as when we made the first cry as newborns. So it is said that "...disappointment is the chariot of the Dharma (truth)" ...and that the Universe embraces us via our broken-heartedness.


Only insofar as we are able to love and forgive ourselves, are we capable to share unconditional love with another being. It is a universal law - one can only share what one already understands. So here is the path, and the practice for us to walk forward upon it step by step.


The foundation of healing is not highly specialized techniques, or advanced medicines - it is simply being willing to experience love of one's entirety, free of expectation and criticism.


Like love, the qualities of wisdom / intuition and compassion are also innate and spontaneous - every soul is born with these potentials. Deep within, every being knows what is needed for health and happiness.


May you prosper and flourish in the nourishment of your inner light!

May you return to a harmonious balance with the rhythms of nature,

and alignment with the soul's purpose of being.

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