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Welcome to the Hermitage Heartcraft Boutique


Within each of us is an innocent babe - playful, mischevious, compassionate... and infinitely wise.
Listen to sweet voice of the inner child... let the petals of its lotus unfold, for the benefit of all beings.
Each of our products is here to help you naturally embrace, embody, and share your innate, unique beauty. We witness and adore the pure light, love, and truth shining within you and every being - within all of life. Allow us the great joy of serving your wholeness, healing, awakening, atunement and solidarity with Self!


Every purchase you make helps to perpetuate Tibetan Buddhistic and other indigenous cultures, wisdom & artistic antiquity. We believe that these heart-centered artistic & healing traditions are the expressions of all our soul heritage. In honoring, cherishing and learning from them, we also are sustaining our alignment and engagement with a heart-centered way of life. All of existence is interconnected and interdependent.


We make direct personal connections with our manufacturers, and choose to work with them on the basis of mutual quality standards. All materials are sustainably cultivated, harvested, and processed according to time-tested methods, with minimal impact to, and reverence for our Mother Earth.


We ethically trade all of our products. They are carefully hand-crafted according to traditional methods, in small-scale operations - no child labor or sweatshop conditions. Artists and craftspersons set their own prices for their work, and we actively support their earning of sufficient livelihood to support themselves and their families.

 Adiatam Hermitage is a sacred energetic space offering refuge, healing, and intuitive universal wisdomly guidance for all upon the soul's journey of oneness.

We initiate the light within you, and welcome you to be part of this Dance of Love, Gratitude & Prosperity.


*~ Om Namah Shivaya ~ Sat Nam, Siri Wahe Guru ~ Om Mani Padme Hum Hri ~*


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