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How Best To Deal With Anger


How best to deal with anger?

Just remember, you are not alone ...  you think you are, but you are not.


Whatever the way you set up with your anger, be honest.


And if I am teaching, you know, patience and forgiveness for other ones,

first you apply those applications for your own self.


There's no anger anyway…

If you did something undeedfully, incidentally or intentionally,

then the mindfulness as dopamine and seratonin, plus testosterone, analysed - and if thing is not right, the process try to make things correct.


In that kind of stable effect to the whole system, mind run fastly -

and that fastness, we are not habitual with, nor used to learn.

That's why sometime we feel little bit headache or a kind of little bit depressive touch.

It's emotional ups and downs actually.

Otherwise you are quite fine.


Just always be with an alleviation gratitude -

and it is caring, curing, soothing everything with your deedfulness.

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